Wolfrider  Clan

The Wolfrider Clan is a family, simple as that. A family whose members choose voluntarily to belong to. The motives of the choice to belong to the Wolfrider Clan can be very different: the ties can arise from a common vision of the world and life and maybe some connection rising from our “other lives”.

Our “past lives” which are not temporally consequent in the disincarnate dimension where there is no space time continuum. Belonging to the Wolfrider Clan goes beyond mere friend-to-friend relationship or blood ties, because a spiritual bond is definitely stronger than a blood relation, the spiritual bond is voluntarily chosen by a sentient individual.

The Wolfrider Clan is a voluntarily chosen family. The principle is to swear an oath of loyalty to the clan's mother, sisters and brothers all, to never betray each other and to always pursue sincerely and honestly the interests of the Clan.

Members of the Wolfrider clan commit themselves to honour and respect every living or non-living being, to respect the Earth and its inhabitants, to get in tune with the Earth's cycles and to respect it by celebrating life. The means are expressed in the principles.

The Wolfrider Clan meets in its Clubhouse, the FullMoonClub, via Luigi Santini 12/13, Rome,Italy.