Old European Path School of Draco


We are the offspring of our era and we live in the here and now. It is necessary for us to take into consideration everything we have gone through in the meantime. People have traveled across the world carrying around their own cultural, mystical, mythical, spiritual, esoteric and exoteric luggage of knowledge. They mixed with other people and shared their knowledge giving birth to brand new cultures, renewing history in its eternal present.
Esoteric and Exoteric knowledge of different culture have the same symbolic root.
We, of the Old European Path School of Draco, think that all beings, human, animal, vegetable, mineral etc. share their origin in an Original Matrix of Energy.
This Original Matrix of Energy communicates through symbols, visions, inspiration, awareness, goddesses, gods, science...
We humans create and created goddesses and gods in order to satisfy our needs, and these goddesses and gods inspire us and are part of the same Original Matrix of Energy we are all part of.
The Original Matrix of Energy expresses itself in the various and diverse Energy/Matter Patterns all over the Multiverse.
We of the Old European Path School of Draco think that no single energy/matter pattern can be considered more important than another, but it is only part of the whole.
The Old European Path School of Draco teachings are dedicated to trying to be a part of the whole and to get in touch with the Original Matrix of Energy, letting the energy flow in a dinamic balance, and to live in harmony with all the other energy/matter patterns.
Draco is the eternal energy flowing in a dinamic balance.
Draco is the initiate to the Old European Path Scohol of Draco.
Draco is the one who is able to let the energy flow in a dinamic balance.
Draco is a Druid, a Magician, a Wise, a Learned, a Poet, a Priestess, a Priest, an Alchimist...