Hi, my name is Flavia Wolfrider, my interests are manifold, I like art, I am a painter and a writer. I make esoteric and talismanic jewelry out of wood, copper and other materials which I deem “sacred”. I have been a tattoo artist most of my life, I tattoo by hand exclusively according to the Ancient European Traditions. My travelling tattoo studio, active since 1977, is called Tir Na nOg. I am a druidess and witchdoctor, I have a diploma in herbal sciences. I founded, amongst other things, an esoteric school called School of Draco/Ancient European Path. I established some years ago, and am still artistic director of, what is to my knowledge, the only pagan/metal/esoteric club in Europe, the FullMoonClub in Rome – Italy - I am mother of the Wolfrider Clan.



Every tattoo is an energetic catalyst of chthonian and heavenly forces that are distributed to the body that hosts it when in times of need.

Every tattoo has a precise symbolic meaning and it is different for every individual even when the drawing chosen is the same.

Every tattoo is hand drawn directly on the skin and is tattooed with disposable sterile needles mounted on a hazelnut support.

You can see some examples in the pics: